Cowslip x20 Jumbo plug plants

Primula veris

20 Jumbo plug plants

A beautiful site in spring!

An important plant for bees, butterflies, moths and other insects.

Food plant of the Plain Clay and Northern Rustic Moths and the Duke of Burgundy Butterfly, one of the most rapidly declining butterflies in the UK.

Where to plant in my garden?

Cowslips will naturalise well in a flowering lawn, and once happy will slowly form a clump, or spread around a lawn or mini meadow by seed. Also well suited to the front of a border. Prefers well drained soil in sun or light shade

Flowers: Mar-May

Habitat: Grassland and woodland

Height: 10-15cm

Growth Type: Perennial

Position: Full sun to semi shade

Soil Preference: Neutral to calcareous