Garden Tags Pin. 20mm + February offer

Brooch, Pin, Button or Badge depending on your spot on the globe.

Gunmetal Bronze

20mm Glass Domed.

Safety catch

All components are Hypoallergenic

( no nickle etc to turn you or your clothes green )

Unofficially ! the way to recognise each other instead of a secret handshake... when your out and about.

These are limited edition as I make them by hand from scratch...

This Pin is the lightest of my work so perfect for sending by post to far flung places.

Zone 1 U.K. & Europe INCLUDING !,,,,

Highlands, Islands & Channel Islands

( bugs me when folk charge extra for this! )

P&p £1.90

Remeber to look a time my February discount code

Zone 2 USA, Canada, Australia and well everywhere.....

£4.75 ,

please PayPal the extra to

If you want it recorded delivery = email me @ ='there will be an extra cost, charge for this I'm afraid..

I will refund postage if more then one ordered . Or click here to buy 3x and save on both, cost and postage! .

If you want to send anything as a present to fellow Gardentaggers, feel free to email a message to them, I'll pop it in the package, make sure you tell me there address to post to

Any questions drop me a line to Naomi

All handmade in my wee workshop in Edinburgh Scotland.

Other styles available.

Bespoke orders welcome,

if you have a fave picture, photograph I can make you any off my products with it... 7 day turnaround.....

See my FB page for examples

Naomi Hare

Compass Alba

Product condition: New