Dicentra spectabilis Goldheart

A bright twist on a classic perennial! Radiant yellow foliage absolutely glows in spring, creating a brilliant focal point in the shade garden. Arching sprays of everyone’s favorite classic bleeding heart flower, pink and white heart-shaped blooms, dangle from the stems in late spring. The foliage typically mellows a bit in color as the season progresses. This cultivar grows a bit smaller than the typical D. spectabilis, reaching heights of up to 2ft at maturity. After putting on this fantastic display, Old-Fashioned Bleeding Hearts usually go dormant until the following spring. However, if plants are kept well-watered during the spring, dormancy may be delayed until late summer or early Autumn.http://lewiscottageplants.co.uk/index.php/product/dicentra-spectabilis-goldheart/

Plant type: Perennials
Plant colour: Pink
Plant spread (in cm): 30
Plant height (in cm): 60
Sun level: Sun and shade
Plant Size: 7 to 9cm pot